Essential Gear for an Overland Journey

So, you’ve decided to pack up and substitute your day job for a life on the road. Congrats! But whaddya pack? I can only speak from personal experience based on our setup, which is a 10 ft Lance 950S truck camper mounted on a Ford SuperDuty F350 7.3 diesel.

It’s taken weeks of love and research and more weeks of trial and error on the road to compile it. Please enjoy. I will keep updating it as we progress on our way to Patagonia, so check back.

The list is quite lengthy, so it’s split into several sections. Here’s a link to the original Google Docs spreadsheet, which reads much easier than the tables below.
1. Camping Gear

Sleeping Bags3PB to take his from SOF
Sleeping Mats4
Tent14 person
Camping Chairs4Junior size - large enough for adultsWalmart
Alum. table1
Mosquito Lantern1
Lantern LED1
Deet 100% (insect repellent)4pack of 2
Mosquito Coils55 packs x 10
Eucaliptus mosquito repellent2pack of 2
Rope1100 ft
Axe / hatchet1
Buck knife1
Tent Repair Tape1optional
Tent seam seal1optional
Camping Towel - microfiber4PB to take his from SOF
12 V fan1
5 gallon water cans2EPA freeWalmart
100 ft 12 gauge extension cord1
sunscreen5lots of itWalmart
Water filtration kit1MSR brandAmazon
Mosquito Zapper160% of the time, it works every time...

2. Truck Camper

Roof Luggage Cargo Storage Rack1large one
Cargo net1to fit rack
Bungee Cords8Walmart
Ratchet tie downs6Walmart
Velcro tape20 ft
Adhesive hooks8Walmart
Duct Tape2Professional GradeWalmart
Super glue2Professional GradeWalmart
Silicone Sealant2Walmart
Siilicone Adhesive2Walmart
Electrical Tape1Walmart
Assorted Screws1Walmart
Assorted Bolts and nuts1Walmart
Seal gasket tape1Walmart
New deep-cycle marine batteries231 spec
Honda 2000i power generator1craigslist
Honda generator DC charging cables1charge truck bettery from gen.
5l gas can for generator + 5W30 oil1Walmart
Sewer hose kit1Camco variery (Rhino stuff)Walmart
Water hose120ftWalmart
Water pressure valve regulator1Regulates pressure to prevent damage to camper water system
Water filter1
Cleaning tablets for toilet1Decomposes human waste and prevents foul odorWalmart
Spare keys camper1Very specific - can't make 'em in Home DepotLocksmith
Chain and padlock for gas generator1Walmart
Roof top soft carrier1Walmart
Heavy duty storage boxes2Inside roof top soft carrierWalmart
Misc. storage boxes for camperNWalmart
Extension cord1
Roof rack1
ratcheting straps8Walmart
rooof rack cargo net1
Electrical adapter 15M/30F1
Door Screen repair kit1Walmart
Fiberglass repair kit1repair dents camper bodyWalmart

3. Electronics

GPS Messenger1Requires 1 year plan
GPS Messenger plan11 year contract 25 USD/mo
Multi-device car charger1Micro USB, etc
Glocalme G2 global hostspot1Requires plan! v. G2 of device
Glocalme plan1
Waterproof iphone cases1pack of 3 for $10
Waterproof macbook cases2different colors
External Mini Hard Drive21TB - HGST (former Hitachi) are super reliable
BatteriesNplenty of them!
Wifi range extender1AWUS036ACH driver OSX:
2 way Radios3Must reprogram to make them legal in US
cable to reprogram 2 way radios1
iphone charging cables1x 2 pack
USB car charger - 3 ports2
GPS CarCan't rely exclusively on cell phone 😉
Back-up cameraHOWTO - Garmin GPS
rechargable batteries + charger1Amazon
Dash camera1Walmart - continous recording loopWalmart
Small laserjet printer1Kids need it for home schooling. an old HP 1020.YV
Portable scanner1Some institutions won't accept smart phone pics...
Charger for batteries1
Rechargeable Batteries AA2800 mAh
Rechargeable Batteries AAA
Watch1Left my Rolex at home 😉
Reading lamp kids2

4. Cooking

Whisperlite stove1PB to take own from SOF
MSR Whisperlite international repair kit1
Pots / Pans1set
Dinnerware set1
Cooking knife set13 knives
Cooking boards3
Bialetti Coffee Maker1
Zip locsNMany diff. sizesWalmart
Plastic food storage containersNMany diff. sizesWalmart
CupsNPlastic ones preferredWalmart
Portable gas grill1Walmart

5. F350 Truck

Tire Repair Kit1
Folding Lug Wrench1Check it fits truck
recovery strap1do i need for towing?
D-ring2goes with recovery strap
Spare bulbs (headlight, tail light)1NB: model 3157 x 4 bulbs!
Mini fuses1
Regular fuses1
New RadioHOWTO
Ford connector
Mounting Bracket
Lighter extension cord1
Theft Avoidance Module (kill switch)1
Window tint precut kit1ended up tinting at a store
fire extinguisher1
reflective vest2
safety triangle1better than flares
brake pads1front - HB302P.700
1rear HB303P.685
oil filter1as per Don
fuel filter1as per Don
fuel filter wrench1BUY!!!!!
air filter1
synthetic oil - 1 gallon1Any gas station
serpentine belt1dual alternator!!!
serpentine belt tool1
CPS (Camshaft Position Sensor)2CRITICAL!: rev B (grey)
CPS rev C1rev. C (dark blue)
US and metric ratchet set1
idler pulley1should i?
radiator cap1$5_part_will_save_your_engine.asp
booster cables1heavy duty 1 gauge
30 amp MAXI fuse1MAXI! in case fuel heater goes south.
brake fluid
power steering fluid
steel breaker bar124 in, 1/2 in
Impact adapter and reducer set
Combo wrench set1Inch/Metric
Tires7Size: LT235/85R16 / 10 Ply
Replacement bulbsNMany of them for all lights
Locking Gas Cap1
headlight restoration kit1video instructions on Amazon
Signal FlaresWalmart
Silicone Repair Tape (for leaking radiator hoses)Walmart
Duct tapeWalmart
Zip tiesWalmart
jerrican2Scepter Military MFC 20 liters - plastic!from Ebay used
wifi backup cam1
glow plug switch (relay)
Spare keys truck1
Air compressor1decent quality, not the cheap ones
New batteries truck2Better start off with fresh onesAuto store
License plate locking fatsenerswould like to keep my license plates
Bigger wrench1😉Home depot
Quality scredriver set1Home depot
Tire gauge1dual headed. difficult to get to dually rear wheelsAuto store
Steering fluid system sealant1

6. Miscellaneous

Maps10PB to take his from SOF
Masks/snorkel4everyone to take from SOF
Leather gloves1work gloves
Pepper police spray2
Swiss Army KNife1Dealmarket branded 😉
Paper Map of each countryNReise, as they seems to have most updated
Surfboard2Pick up in MX

7. Personal stuff

Machete1Tramontino - the real deal
Wetsuit1PB to take own from SOF
Contact Lenses6x2PB to take own from SOF
Wool Hat (Ushuaia)1PB to take own from SOF
Outback hat122.5 in. head - large
Shirts2Long sleeve -columbia size S
Down jacket2PB to take own from SOF
ipad1Lucy to take from SOF
Blackberry1PB to take own from SOF
Swiss Army Knife1PB to take own from SOF
Moleskine1PB to take own from SOF
audio books
UV Haze filter143 mm clear
Mac cables - wifi, video1PB to take own from SOF
Panasonic camera + charger1PB to take own from SOF
beard trimmer1PB to take own from SOF
Hidden Travel Wallet1

I’d be happy to answer your questions.

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